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Commitment and Team attitude

Totally client oriented company by all its departments: manufacturing, technical office, after-sales, administration, marketing up-to General Management.

Motivation is what get us started. Habit is what keeps us going

Reliability and efficiency

The ETIMA + solutions are designed to last over time.

High reliability that guarantees a high performance and proven efficiency offering a better competitiveness to our customers.

Customized Solutions to our clients and always competitive

Flexibility and adaptability (customization) of our products to meet the demanding technical and production requirements of each Pharma project according to the client’s URS and sector-specific regulations.

Experience & Know-how

More than35 years of experience in self-adhesive labeling in which many solutions have been developed for the industry

Flexibility and adaptability

ETIMA sets its business success on its great capacity for empathy with its clients which allows to transform needs into solutions.

Efficient After-Sales Service

Ethernet remote access and integral communication & assistance real time system (EVA +) ETIMA VIEW ASSISTANCE+ with the end user through visual and audio telecommunication equipment.

Vanguard Innovation

Technical office that has been developing different innovative solutions in the sector so ETIMA has been officially recognized as an innovative SME for its cutting-edge labeling solutions .

Company framed in a process of continuous improvement of quality and efficiency of its products and totally receptive to the integration of the latest technological developments. (Technological CPU, Ethernet Connectivity, Sensorics Industry 4.0 …).



We design solutions tailored to meet the requirements of each client


Adapted manufacturing to the needs of each client


Specialised in Pharma, Consumer Healthcare, Veterinary & Cosmetics

From the beginning

Technical office specialised in own developments and technology.


Quality control of production in all processes. Internal regulations on efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability


Continuous assistance & after-sales service direct and personalised per each project / client